1st Shipley Scouts

1st Shipley Scouts

Visit the site:  www.1stshipleyscouts.org


At a glance:

  • Built using WordPress
  • Custom email
  • Contact form
  • Gallery
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Map
  • PayPal payments facility
  • RSS Feed
  • Videos
  • YouTube Feed

The 1st Shipley Scout group were interested in going on the web. They wanted to advertise and communicate in a simpler more centralized and cost-effective way. Also to accept online payments for subs, camps and other trips; thus, greatly simplifying financial administration.

As far as advertising goes, when searching on Google for “shipley scouts” they are close to the top of the list. Thus, although new to the web, they are commanding a significant presence already. This was helped primarily by having a good domain name: www.1stshipleyscouts.org.

For communication, there is a built-in Google Calendar. This is easy to keep up and a list of up-coming events is displayed on the homepage. Also, there is a built-in blog; a list of the most recent articles is shown automatically on the front page. Documents can be downloaded from the documents page, thus saving paper, trees and time! Also there is a snazzy drop-down menu allowing contact with leaders.

Regarding payment, the site has PayPal integration using simple PayPal buttons which connect with a secure on-line payment facility.

There are many other features on this site such as Google Maps and a YouTube feed. Why not explore yourself!


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