Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems allow you to update your website without having to know HTML, PHP or any other computer language. Running your website is a bit like managing your Facebook profile – though slightly more difficult. We will give you a custom manual showing you how to do all the essential tasks for maintaining your site. As we use very popular content management systems there is also a huge amount of guidance to be found on the Internet. You can add new posts onto a page, upload pictures, change your header image, change background colours and images, add videos onto your pages and more. We use two of the most  popular Content Management Systems: Joomla and WordPress. Each has its own unique advantages.

WordPress is a lot simpler to use than Joomla. It is a lot easier to change your header, add videos and posts. Also WordPress sites generally load faster than Joomla ones because the code is simpler. Famous sites using WordPress include:

Sites we have built using WordPress:

Joomla is harder to learn than WordPress but it has several advantages. There are more options for arranging articles – which is very important if you want a lot of information on your site. Famous sites using Joomla include:

Sites we have built using Jooma:


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