Search Engine Optimization

For the long term it is not ideal to rely solely on Google AdWords, especially if you are selling a relatively cheap product, like second hand books, or are not selling anything at all, but simply promoting a non-profit organisation. You really want to be high up on Google. We will do our best to help you in this way though ultimately it will be up to you. Google orders it’s search results primarily by

  1. Content
  2. Inbound links

Content– Google will look for keywords on your site to see what your site is about. It especially takes notice of your domain name, page titles and heading titles. It takes little notice of pictures so it is important not to become too visual. We can give advice with content and choose your page titles, heading and even domain to maximise traffic. After the site is up and running you should continue to add good, relevant content on a regular basis. This will help your site to increase in popularity.

Inbound links – This has to do with links from other websites to your site and is fundamental to Google’s search algorithm. The basic philosophy is that  good relevant sites will have lots of links to them. It was this simple idea that made Google a billion dollar company.  Google also considers how important each page is that links to your site. For example, a link from the BBC site will push you up the rankings a lot more than a link from an obscure blogger. We can help you get links to your site and so help your rankings.


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