Google Page Speed

An often overlooked important property for a site is its loading speed. Google’s search algorithm takes into account the page speed of a website. That is Google Search shows priority to sites that load faster.  If you came to a site that may look beautiful and may possibly have what you want but was really slow, would you stay there? More likely, you would go back to Google and look for another page. Slow pages are very frustrating and cause lots of pain!

Google provide a fantastic tool that tells you how fast your website is and also gives you some tips on speeding it up. Some of the suggestions may be beyond you if you are not a web developer but at the very least this tool can give you some direction in knowing what needs to be done with your site. Using Google Page Speed we were able to improve this site to bring it from a score of about 50/100 to 86/100 – a vast improvement.

Go to Google Page Speed and test your site!


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