Google Reviews and SEO

google reviews

Often when people think about Search Engine Optimization (or SEO for short) they think of something very sciency and complicated. I am sure that Google’s search algorithm is not easy to understand but the principle behind it is. Google are trying to provide those searching with “an excellent user experience”. A term that Google frequently use. In other words Google are trying to help people find what they want. They are trying to connect customers with good businesses, relevant to what they are searching for.

If you are searching for a hairdresser in Bradford say, Google will want to lead you to good hairdressers in Bradford – not rocket science. One of the ways that Google see which hairdressers in Bradford are good and which are bad is by Google reviews of hairdressing businesses in Bradford. This is very simple! A good hairdresser will have good reviews, a bad hairdresser will have bad reviews and a hairdresser that people rarely go to will have no reviews. Google will look at all the hairdressers in Bradford and consider which ones people seem to be most happy with.

Now there are many businesses out there looking for something complicated to boost their on-line presence. One answer that may help them a lot is to spend some time asking satisfied customers to review them on their Google Place page. If you don’t have a Google Place page – get one here.

Tips about getting reviews.
Don’t ask for too many at once – Google will get suspicious. Don’t do them yourself! Google will find out and will not be happy and penalize you. Try to get a new review every month or so from a satisfied customer. If your business is not making customers satisfied then deal with that problem first!


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