free listing yell

Free Yell listing

free listing yell

In this post we look at what you can get for free with Yell’s free listing.

What you can get for free…

1. A link to your site. As Yell highly influences Google rankings, probably more than any other UK business directory this is very important.

2. Photos. You can get at least 7 photos at the time of writing.

3.  A Business logo. You can upload your business logo which will appear to the right of your entry. You really should add a logo as it will help your  listing stick out.

4. Add your telephone number. Although most people use the internet to look for businesses, most people want to talk to a human being before parting with money.

5. Add a video. You can add a promotional video to your site. More and more customers want to watch a video with a brief overview of the services or products offered, rather than wade through pages of text. The surge in popularity of sites such as YouTube testifies to the popularity of finding out information from short videos.

6. Add your location. This will appear on a map.

7. Add opening hours. You can add your business trading hours.

8. Summary. You can summarise what it is that you do and what you offer.

9. Offers. You can post offers that will appear at the top of the summary.

10.  And more…  There are also many more features, but you can find these out yourself!

BEWARE – When you sign up for Yell you WILL be called. Decide whether you want a paid listing with Yell beforehand or you could be on the phone for a long long time!


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