If you really want to improve your rankings then get yourself on dmoz! Getting listed can take quite a while but it is worth it.

Benefits of being listed
You will have a link to your site from a website with a VERY high page rank. You will also get a link to your site from the Google directory. Both of these links will improve your ranking.
Also, hundreds of other smaller directories copy the information from dmoz and so you will get links to your site from hundreds of other websites. Although each link will not be as important as a link from a major site like dmoz.org every link will help and will push the ranking of your site higher.

To get listed

0. Make sure your site is not already on dmoz.

1. Find the category that suits your site most. The best way to do this is usually to find a similar business that is in the same area as you that is already listed on dmoz. Our website is in the category:
Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: England: West Yorkshire: Saltaire: Business and Economy

2. Click on Suggest URL at the top.

3. Fill in the details for your website. You should read the guidelines to make sure your description complies. After getting the category correct the most important other issue is to make sure that your site description is no more than 25-30 words and that it is written objectively, not in a promotional way. For example our entry states “These web designers describe their services and include a portfolio”, not “Get a great website from us!”

There are not a huge number of editors who check links so try to make your submission satisfy dmoz’s requirements. This will help it to be  accepted quicker.


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