Changing Page Text – WordPress

This post was written for La Restaurant to help with changing their menus but the principles hold for any page.

Say you have a new body of text that you have prepared in Word or another document editor and you want to transfer it to your site. Here is one way to do it

1] Log in to your admin section:
For La Rue this is
for a domain it is

Fill in your username and password

2] You are now in the dashboard area. Click on pages in the left hand column and then select the page you want to change.

3] Select all the text you want to remove. One way to do this is to right click in the main area and click Select All.
Then delete the old text.

4] Next copy the text from Word. Right click in word and click select all and then right click and click copy.

5] Make sure you are in HTML mode. Click on HTML which is next to Visual at the top right of the main text area. Right click in the main text area for the page and click paste.

6] Go back to visual mode and change any formatting you need to. If you want to make anything bold, highlight it then select bold (b) in the menu above the text area etc.

7] When you are happy with your changes click the blue update button to the right of the main text area.


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