Headers and Twenty Eleven WordPress Theme

This post is written mainly for our customer Crossroads Lewis but hopefully others will find it useful as well.

To change the header in Twenty Eleven Theme
1] In dashboard hover over Appearance in the left hand column and click on header (or else click Appearance then header)
2] Click Choose file, then Open, then Upload, highlight the section you want, then Crop and Publish and then Save Changes (blue button at the bottom).

To have a selection of headers which randomly change for each page chosen
From the header section…
1] Upload all the headers you want using the above method
2] Next to uploaded images choose Random: Show a different image on each page. Then again save changes at the bottom.

To remove a header from the list of uploaded images
1] Click on Media on the left hand column.
2] Find the file – it will usually have a name like cropped-….
3] Hover over the name and below an option will come up to Delete Permanently – click this, then click OK

To get a particular header for a page
1] Go to the relevant page (pages on left hand column then choose the page)
2] In the right hand column towards the bottom click on set Featured Image.
3] Select the file from your computer and click open
4] Click Use as Featured Image (DO NOT click insert into post)
5] Close the window with information about the image.
6] then update the page (blue button in left hand column near the top)

To remove a featured header from a page
1] Select the relevant page
2] Below Featured Image click Remove featured image. Then update the page.


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