How to send a Newsletter using ALO Easy Mail

To send a Newsletter
Click on Newsletters in the left column. Then click on Add New. Below Add New Newsletter type in the title of the newsletter. Then in the main area below type in the content.

To add photos to a newsletter click the button to the right of upload/insert above the main text area. Then From Computer and Select Files then find the file on your computer and click Open. Then you can ignore most of the boxes. Choose size medium and then insert into post.

When you have finished writing your post click the two tick boxes next to Users: and Newsletters Subscribers:  on the right hand column. Then click Publish. Then in the left hand column click Newsletters. Your new newsletter should be at the top of the newsletter list. Click on Required: Create list of recipients under Newsletter Status. Then click on Send Now.

That’s it!

If you want to test to see what the newsletter will look like before sending out, after clicking on Required: Create list of recipients and before click send now put your own email in the box next to You can send the newsletter as test to: and click send. Once you are happy with that you can click send now below to send to everyone on your list.


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