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If you are an owner of an ecommerce site and that is where you make your money then you really need to know what is working and what is not. Are your sales coming from the result of what you do on Twitter? Or are they coming from social interactions on Facebook? Or simply from Google Organic search? How are people buying? Desktop, tablets or phones? What keywords are people typing in to Google that lead to sales?

These questions are important. If you were to find that very few clients are buying using a mobile then there may be something you could do to improve that – make your site more mobile friendly and easier for the customer to find your products, go to the cart and then buy. This article is going to be written piecemeal so I will take one question at as time.

Are my social interactions leading to sales? And if so which ones, Twitter or Facebook or something else?

Go to Aquistions -> Social -> Overview.

Here it will tell you how many visits to your sites are the result of your social media. Also how many social interactions have led to a sale. Conversions gives the total number of sales in the period via any method.

Contributed conversions tells you how many times Social media played a role in a customer buying.
So for example they may have gone on Facebook, been interested, then gone on Google and then bought. Or they may have gone straight from social media to make a sale.
Last Interaction Social Conversions is defined by Google as: The number of conversions for which this channel was the final conversion interaction. So these social interactions led directly to someone coming on the site and making sale.

So below. 3 sales are the result of some type of social interaction. Further down we find this was all from Facebook. 1 sale was a direct result of social interaction. So someone went on Facebook then went directly to the website and made a purchase. Thus 2 (3 takeaway 1) sales were the result of someone who went on Facebook then went somewhere else, then came back and made a purchase.


Which social media are bringing the most traffic to my website?

Go to Aquistions -> Social -> Network Referrals.  Below we see that Facebook and Twitter are the most popular with Facebook bringing in 733 sessions and Twitter 187 in the last month. YouTube and Blogger are only bringing in a trickle with 10 and 1 referrals respectively.



Which social media are leading to sales?

To see this go to Aquistions -> Social -> Conversions. So Facebook is the only one that has led to a direct sale with 3 conversions.


You can then further explore this by seeing which was the result of a last click and which was assisted. Next to conversions click Assisted vs. Last Interaction Analysis and then choose assisted or last conversion value from the drop down.



What are my conversion rates on different devices?

The conversion rate is (number of sales/number of views) x 100. This tells you the percentage of people that come to your site that buy something. To see conversion rates for different devices go to Audience -> Mobile -> Overview then select Ecommerce near the top.


If you scroll down you will find info on visits by mobiles, desktops and tablets. Page views and also conversions (sales). And ecommerce conversion rate. So the percentage of visits leading to sales.


Above we see that for this website though there are a lot more visits from mobiles than desktops there are still more sales by desktops. The web designer may need to look at making the shop experience on the mobile better!


Where are people buying from?

Where are my customers  purchasing from? Go to Audience -> Geo -> Location. Then choose what scale you want. You may want to look at the world as a whole if you are an international company, or perhaps Europe if you are selling there, or if you want to be even more local you can select the country and then choose city. As before to get information on sales select Ecommerce below map overlay.

You can then see which countries, or cities are bringing in the most sales by ordering by revenue, by clicking on it in the table.



 How are people moving through my site?

What page are most people starting on and how are the majority of them progressing?
To answer that simply go to Audience -> Userflow.
There are many different options on the drop down. I really like “Default Channel Grouping” under Acquisition in the drop down. It shows where people start, e.g. organic search, social, and how they flow through the website.




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