Where can I buy the kardashian makeup organizer?

On the US TV Show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” the Kardashian sisters use a very high quality acrylic makeup organizer to put all their makeup, liptstick etc in. Are you wondering where you can get one yourself? There are lots of cheap makeup organizers on the market but finding a high quality like the one used by the Kardashians is not so easy. If you are living in the UK then you might like to know that there is a UK company that produce their own high quality makeup organizers and have them made in the UK. Prices vary roughly from £150 to £250. They have three models the Glamourcube® Mini – around £150 – the Glamourcube® Original – about £200 – and the Glamour Queen – about £250. You can even have your name inscribed on your organiser.

These makeup organizers are used by celebrities including Amy Childs, Shanie Ryan, Lily Allen, Coleen Rooney, Lucy Pinder and more. See here for more Celebs using the makeup organizers.

As well as being used by Celebrities the makeup organizers have been featured in Vogue (August 2015), Cosmopolitan (May 2015), Tatler (Summer 2015), Glamour Magazine (July 2015).

So, a high quality makeup organizer, made in the UK, not too expensive, featured in the top fashion magazines and used by many celebrities. Why not join them. Pics below.






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