weight loss Bradford

Weight Loss in Bradford

weight loss BradfordIf you are looking for a weight loss service in Bradford, then check out Harley Clinics.

They have recently invested in some top of the range equipment as used by Leah Totton, the Winner of the Apprentice 2013. They use the latest 3D lipomed technology.

Services they offer include weight loss, skin tightening, dermology, detoxing, tummy sculpting, cellulite busting treatments, and more.

The prices are fair and the treatment is good.

More information about their 3D lipomed treatment can be found here.

Harley Clinics seeks to help the whole person, and as well as non-surgical beauty treatments they also offer GP Consultations, and opportunities to speak to a trained and fully qualified psychotherapist. They also offer physiotherapists and chiropodists.

Harley Clinics is situated very conveniently near Bradford Forster Square train station, which makes it accessible from Leeds and Ilkley, as well as Bradford. It is very close to the new Broadway Centre, so you can combine a trip to Harley Clinics with some shopping.


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