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No Directions Showing to My Business on Google Maps

I recently had a client who was a bit upset that whenever their listing came up on Google, his competitors were marked on the map with directions but his business was not. I tried re-sending the address to Google from Google My Business and also Suggest an Edit but this did not fix it.

The actual fix was really easy. This happens when you tell Google that you don’t meet customers at your location. And so it is natural for Google not to show your location.

To fix it. Go to Google My Business.

Sign in with your Google Account. Click on Published Locations. Next to the Location click the 3 dots and then Dashboard.

In the top pane with address and phone etc click edit.

Click the address where it says Serving Customers within x km of …

Scroll down and click this box

I also serve customers at my business address. (Your address will be hidden from the public if this box isn’t checked.)

And then Apply. It might take a little time but that should be fixed soon.


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