GDPR Gravity Forms

GDPR Compliance with Gravity Forms (FREE option)

I look after quite a lot of websites. Most of these are brochure sites where the client is seeking the client to get in touch with them, often through a form. One of the very useful features of Gravity Forms was that it saved all the entries in the backend. This was very useful if an entry went into trash in someone’s mail account. However, with GDPR this is now a bit of a problem. If you ask people whether you can store their details (to cover yourself) you will likely have a very large reduction in the conversion rate of your form.

The alternative is to remove entries every so often. Quite a few people are now charging lots of money for plugins to do this. Thankfully, there is a nice FREE one that does the job!

Entry Expiration for Gravity Forms

Simply install the plugin. Then next to the form you need to deal with saved entries. Hover over settings and select “Entry Expiration”. Or select settings for that form and select “Entry Expiration” on the left.

GDPR Gravity Forms
After that tick the box “Automatically delete form entries on a defined schedule”.
Then wait a few seconds. Then fill in the details for “Delete entries older than” and “Run deletion every…”

GDPR Gravity FormsI am putting them at entries older than a month and then run deletion every day. That gives time in case a message gets lost but does not store the entries long term. Of course you can remove the data a minute later if you want. Up to you. Anyway a free way of being GDPR complient (well one important aspect of it).



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