50 Places to get Free Backlinks

This post which is being updated  will give a list of great places to get free backlinks. Please feel free to email us to add any places we have missed.


2. Google Places
You have to have a physical address to sign up for Google Places.  With a Google Place page you can add a link to your site and add other information about your business. This will greatly help your rankings. Make sure you get satisfied customers to review you!

3. Yell
You can get a lot for free with Yell including a link to your site, though they will phone you up.

4. Google+
Set up a Google+ page for your business. You can add a link and connect with other businesses and potential customers.

5. Twitter
Make sure you have a twitter account. You can add a link to your site which will appear on your homepage. Social interaction is good for your website. But make it natural – don’t cheat.

6. Freeindex
The UK’s fastest growing business directory. For free you can have a link to your site, and add pictures, videos, business description etc. How high on the page you will appear, in your category,  depends totally on the number of good reviews you have so if you have lots of happy customers get them to review you and you will cruise up the list!

7. Facebook
Create a Facebook page for your business. Get customers and friends to like you. You can have a link to your site and do lots of other stuff.

Video is the way to go these days. Why not create yourself a video channel. You can get another link to your site from there. You can also add lniks to your site in every video you do.

9. LinkedIn
Make sure you have a LinkedIn profile. You can add a link  to your site.

10. Craigslist. You can post a business description, image and website link. However, the post will only appear for 7 to 45 days depending on which city you post your add in, so you have to re-post your listing.

11. Net Mums is a good place to get a link to your site. I got a listing and link for free for a local ironing service. All listings are alphabetical. Only use though if your business is reasonably relevant to the site. Great for coffee shops, toddler groups etc.

11. Billion7.com

12. WebWiki.com

13. Hotfrog

14. About.me

15. http://juicyfinder.com

16. http://www.aboutus.org

17. http://www.surfsafely.com

18. http://www.wwwi.co.uk

19. How to Live Wiki

20. http://www.markosweb.com/addsite

21. http://www.xmarks.com/

22. http://www.younoodle.com

23. http://www.creativematch.com

24. http://co.uk-www.com

25. http://www.pagesinventory.com

26. http://www.tuugo.co.uk

27. http://www.britishone.co.uk

28. http://www.somuch.com

29. http://www.arakne-links.com/submit.php

30. www.directory-link.info

31. http://www.seo-friend.com

32. www.4networking.biz

33. www.flickr.com

34. www.similarsitesearch.comStick your site in seearch box and you will have a page created with a link and a list of sites supposedly similar to yours.

35. http://www.kk04.com

36. http://websiteshadow.com Type domain in top right then click “More information on this site” bottom left.

37. http://websitejudge.com

38. http://webmastercoffee.com/en/

39. http://www.woorank.com/en/  Also gives a lot of useful information about optimizing your website.

40. http://www.topsitestats.com Enter your url for evaluation and it will create a page with stats about your site and a link to your site.

41. http://searchsight.com/submit.htm

42. http://www.abc-directory.com

43. http://www.qualidator.com  Enter your site for a quality test (right column) and it will produce a page with a link to your site.

44. http://www.ataraxa.com Enter your site for a quality test and it will produce a page with a link to your site.

45. http://www.bizwiki.co.uk

46. www.iwestyorkshire.co.uk

Website galleries

(more at http://www.mostinspired.com/galleries, though some broken links)
47. http://www.bowg.org/add-a-site/

48. http://cmsdesigns.org/

49. http://www.bestcssvault.com

50. http://webgallery.crazyleafdesign.com/suggest-a-site/

51. http://www.coolsitecollection.com

52. http://www.colorgorize.com/

53. http://www.cssbag.com/submit

54. http://www.statscrop.com

55. http://www.qirina.com/qirina.cx?a=add

56. http://uk.similarsites.com

57. https://pinterest.com

58. http://welovewp.com/

59. http://www.ukwebuk.co.uk/

60. http://checker.monitorbacklinks.com/seo-tools/free-backlink-checker

Also see

100 galleries to submit your site http://www.beautifullife.info/web-design/100-best-website-galleries-to-submit-your-creative-design/


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  1. neat list, but many of these lynx are broken — would <3 if u suggested sum others too since i'm trying to boost back lynx since Google is only finding 61? quite odd bc sum other tools find up to 500+ which is likely more accurate, but regardless i'd prefer if Google found more than 61 so i can feel warm and fuzzy inside again. thx again 4 the list – will def check into those that i haven't heard about

  2. Thanks for sharing the list of sites to get free backlinks