Hello and welcome to the website of Saltaire Web Design. I am a one-man-band building WordPress clients for small and medium sized businesses and charities in Bradford and the surrounding area. I have been working in Web Design since 2011 and have enjoyed working on all sorts of website projects from alpaca farms to theological seminaries, tarmac firms to scuba diving, a wide range of trades websites including builders, renderers, plasterers, electricians, plumbers and more. I try to give every client a great deal but will try to advise you what is best for you. Sometimes the simpler, cheaper option is all you need; sometimes it isn’t.

You can see some of my recent websites in my portfolio.

I don’t offer marketing such as SEO, social media (apart from basic setups and odd updates) but have given advice here for those requiring these services and useful links to where you can find out more, sign up for useful listings such as Google places, and links to low and medium cost companies that can help you.