This article tells you how to add an email account to Outlook. This is for email accounts set up using cPanel.
NOTE: If you are not one of my customers then it is highly likely that your incoming and outcoming servers will be different.

For cPanel, to find out what they are go to

-Email Accounts

-Then next to the email account you want to configure click more and then configure Email client.

-The information about what your mail servers are should be there.

1. Open Outlook

2.  Click on Tools in the menu bar, then accounts from the drop down

3 . Click Add

4. Email account

5. Display name: the name you want people to see e.g. Ideal Money Solutions

6.  Email address: your email address

7. For Set up email servers:

Incoming e-mail server type: POP3

Incoming Mail Server:

Outgoing Mail Server:

Tick – outgoing server requires authentication

8. Email username: your email

9. Password: Your Password

Tick – remember password



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