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Avada Theme Specialist

This page gives some information about the very popular and highly rated WordPress theme called Avada.

Template websites used to have a bad reputation. WordPress calls them Themes rather than templates. Some themes, especially the old and free ones, were basic and not that great to look at. Premium WordPress themes however allow a website that looks like it would have cost £5000, to be built for more like £500-£1000. The website builder pays for a theme license but then can start using one of the many very well designed WordPress demo themes. The finished site will always be unique and can be customised a little or a lot depending on the clients’ needs. However, the result is that far fewer hours are needed in development than a website that is built from scratch. While some companies would suit a bespoke built from the bottom up, there are a lot of companies that simply cannot afford that size of an investment in their website. Using a premium template gives a kind of middle of the road approach. Far more professional and finished than someone with no experience using something like Wix or SquareSpace, and more expensive, but not a huge amount more expensive. But much cheaper than getting a digital agency and developers to build from scratch. My favourite themes over the years have been Avada and Enfold. Avada has more features and can be used to build pretty much anything. Enfold was great for simpler designs and slightly quicker to build and a bit easier for users to change things – as a few less options. Enfold though great has not had the same amount of continued development over the last 5 years or so and Avada has definitely taken over it. They are still both good though.

  • Requires a fraction of the development time

  • Completely customizable

  • Many great features you will love.

Avada’s Features

Avada has SO many good features that you can use to make a website that looks great. Here are a few I love.

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