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check my english

Visit the site: www.englishchecking.com

At a glance:

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  • Built using WordPress
  • Custom email
  • Contact form
  • File upload facility
  • Price Calculator
  • Slideshow

English Checking Hong Kong are a small international proofreading business based in Great Britain and Hong Kong, targeting the Hong Kong market. They wanted a professional looking website to distinguish themselves from the many amateur proofreaders on the market. They also wanted the facility for file upload so that clients could submit their documents, advice on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the ability to easily add articles.

We built them a simple but snazzy site, similar to this one. We added a contact form with file upload facility. For SEO we helped set them up with Google AdWords and made some good suggestions. We showed them how to add articles and set up a menu on the front page to display the latest articles. For payment it was decided not to use PayPal. In Hong Kong bank transfer is very common, this also helps save on the PayPal transaction fee (3.4% + 20p).

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