Crossroads Lewis

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Crossroads Lewis

Visit the site: www.crossroadslewis.co.uk

At a glance

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  • Built using WordPress
  • Blog
  • Custom email
  • Facebook integration
  • Google Map
  • Integration with Facebook
  • Integration with Twitter
Crossroads Lewis already had a site built and hosted with Moonfruit. One of the disadvantages of that site was that if a user did not have Flash on their system, the site looked very messy. As over 30% of the population were employed by the council, who had banned the use of Flash player to stop people wasting time on YouTube and other sites, this was a serious issue. Crossroads Lewis asked us to build them a simple but elegant site which did not require Flash.

We built them a nice simple site using WordPress. The site has an elegant slideshow header, a built-in blog, Google Map, Facebook integration and an RSS feed.

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