What about hosting?

I charge a standard rate of £100 a year for hosting and a single domain if we register it for you. We use Krystal, TSO Hosting and also have a VPS with Fasthosts who are a UK based host with fast servers. If you are expecting very high traffic though (more than a thousand hits a day) then you might require a more substantial setup. In this case we would recommend getting a VPS server with Fasthosts.


Are these the only plans?

I do not stick only to these packages. If you want something in between say one package and another, then the price will be somewhere in between the respective prices. Give me a call for more information.


What about SEO?

I will do some SEO for each package, the more the cost, the more the SEO. Note that I do not claim to be a specialist at SEO, though I am quite handy at getting clients high up in the Bradford area! I am pretty high up in the organic listings for the Bradford area too. For a reasonable cost I can do more SEO on your website if that is what you want. I can also help you setup with pay per click if required.


Are there any discounts?

I do offer small discounts to charities but my prices are already very competitive as they are. If you don’t believe me try some other digital agencies!