This post assumes:
[i] You already have a personal email, e.g.
[ii] Also, that you have set up an email account that forwards to your personal email account.
[iii] You are using cPannel. If not some of the SMPT details may be different.

[1] Log in to your personal Gmail account
[2] On the right click on the spoke wheel (Settings) which also has a downward arrow.
[3] Click on Settings
[4] Click on Accounts and Import on the horizontal blue menu
[5] Next to Send Mail as click on Add another email address you own
[6] Input the name you want people to see when they receive your email
[7] Add the email (your email address), click treat as Alias and Next
[8] Choose Send through SMTP servers
[9] Fill in with the details below 

SMPT server: and Port 25

Username: (your email)
password: your password
Tick Secured connection using TLS
10] Save changes.

11] Make sure the radio button Send through Gmail is selected and then Next
12] Finally click Send Verification
13] An email will then come into your account and you click on the link (you don’t need to input the code)

That’s it.
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