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Gravity Form Specialist

This page gives some information about the premium contact form plugin Gravity Forms

Websites are built with an end in view. For some it is a simple blog where they can share their views about anything they want. For others, they may want to sell products and reach a wider audience than they could in their home town. Most of my clients are offering a service, whether that is building an extension, offering legal advice or a hair dressing appointment. While having a phone and email is essential, it is also very useful to have a good contact form. It makes leaving a message much simpler. There is no need to copy the email, go out of the web browser, open the mail client and then send. Simply enter your name, contact details and information about what services you require. I have built more complicated forms for gp surgeries, hiring companies, finance companies and more.

  • Allow a customer to get in touch with you 24/7

  • Easier than sending an email

  • Conditional logic leads to lots of exciting features.

Conditional Logic

Conditional logic probably sounds very irrelevant if you are not a programmer or mathematician but it is very useful for contact forms. You don’t want to have too many fields in a form. Especially if they are not necessary. Conditional logic allows you to show relevant fields based on what has been answered before. It allows you to deal with lots of different enquiries in one place. For example if you are a lawyer you would want to ask different questions based on what type of enquiry it is. If they are enquiring about property law there will be different questions if they are buying a property or if the enquiry concerns a property dispute. In this very simple example, you can see different questions appear depending on what service you select.