Why is a website important?

Credibility. Gives clients confidence in your business.
Your Brand. Allows clients to find out more about your business and service 24/7.
Leads. Get enquiries through your website.
Sell. It is not that hard to set up online shops. This allows customers to buy from you any time of the day or night.
Save you time. Instead of answering the same questions again and again you can give the answers on your website.
Announcements. A great place to put updates on offers, different opening hours,
Reference Point. Gives a reference point to send customers to.

For many businesses a website is a necessity.


The importance of ongoing work.

Regular updates prevent hacking or website running slow.
New content helps the website do well in Google.
New content makes your website more interesting for potential clients to help them keep coming back.
Updating services and products pages gives a place to direct traffic to from social media and elsewhere to encourage people to sign up for a new service or buy a new product or sign up to a new mailing list.

For the last 10 years I have had a pay-as-you-go approach to ongoing website work. This is great for those on a shoestring marketing budget. However, for those with more cash this has not always been the best. They could have benefited from more ongoing work on their website like adding blog posts, adding new jobs/portfolio items. When I leave it up to clients to send jobs they often don’t get round to it. It reminded me of a conversation with one of my clients who is a fitness instructor in Ilkley. They said that if you leave it up to the client to arrange workout times it doesn’t happen. While that may save them money it doesn’t help their clients develop their fitness. So the fitness instructor always fixes two or more times a week when they are to come and work out.

I am planning to offer a similar service for my clients – relatively low cost SEO packages where I will ask/pester them to send new work to put on their websites and social media and/or suggest a topic that is currently relevant in the industry and then I can write a short blog article on this subject.

SEO Initial Work

Finding relevant keywords for your website.
Making sure content has keywords in naturally.
Getting keywords in

  • alt image tags
  • meta tags
  • urls / links

Optimizing Page Speed
Adding a sitemap
Make sure website is mobile friendly
Setting up Google Analytics
Adding to Google Search Console
Setup Local listings such as Google and Yell

SEO Packages Ongoing

Basic SEO Package
Add up to 2 new jobs a month or a single blog post.
All advertised on social media platforms.
Add 2 new links to your site. £25

Standard SEO Package
Add up to 3 new jobs a month and a blog post on a relevant issue.
All advertised on social media platforms.
Add 5 new links to your site. £50

Advanced SEO Package
Add up to 5 jobs a month and 2 blog posts on relevant issues.
All advertised on social media platforms.
Add 10 new links to your site.   £100