In this video we talk about three of our website products:
The Basic Package at £200;
The Deluxe Package at £350;
The Seller’s Package at £500.

So first the basic package at £200. For this you get an elegant looking site with all your logos, business colours and pictures incorporated, up to 5 pages, a contact form and a Google Map. So that’s the basic package at £200.

Next the Deluxe Package at £350. For this you get everything from the Basic Package plus up to 20 pages, a slideshow and gallery, Facebook and Twitter integration, plus embedded videos. And that’s the Deluxe Package at £350.

Finally, the Seller’s Package at £500. For this you get a stylish E-commerce site with all the features of a top E-commerce site. These include PayPal integration, currency switching, inventory tracking, a discount coupon management system and much more. So that’s the Seller’s Package at £500.

To find out more, visit our website and get in contact. Thanks for listening.

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