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I offer a wide range of services, some of which are from connections I have made over the last 12 years.

Web Design York
Web Design

I have been building websites for over 12 years. A lot has changed in that time. No-one worried about a website being mobile friendly in 2011. Nowadays it is recommended to build with the mobile design considered as of first importance. There are so many more options in website design including animations, dynamic elements, parallax, video backgrounds and more.

Website Hosting York
Website Hosting

Website hosting is basically the service involving storing all the files and database required for your website to run smoothly. We use Siteground, officially recommended by WordPress. Poor hosting will lead to your website being offline and also slow. Both of which impact customer’s sales. Good quality hosting is not expensive and is a great investment.

Microsoft Email York
Microsoft Email

You can get emails for free that come with the web hosting setup, though these are limited in terms of size. I would really recommend investing in a paid email service. Using a paid email service means your emails will go through reliable well-trusted servers and will ensure a much higher level of deliverability. A lot of free emails will end up in your client’s junk or spam folders.

Graphic Design York
Graphic Design

From logos to exhibitions stands, I am able to carry out a wide range of graphic design services, as well as with partner companies. In a world full of advertising good graphics that clearly present your brand are a must. Whether you are looking for a traditional or more modern end, offering high end or budget products we can help. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

SEO York (1)

Unless you are incredibly niche or advertising very very locally, you will need Search Engine Optimisation for your website to be found by more prospective clients. SEO involves a lot of work to basically (i) communicate clearly to Google and other search engines what your offering is and what sort of clients you can help, and (ii) why they should show your website higher than others. However, with often stiff competition, a lot of work is required, especially for (ii). This is something we can help you with.

Social Media Marketing York
Social Media Marketing

For a lot of companies, Social Media Marketing is essential in promoting their brand. There are literally billions of people using social media, and  lot of these will be potential clients. Social Media can be used in different ways. If you are a salon, advertising latest deals and services, giving examples of recent haircuts etc. For restaurants you can advertise daily and weekly specials, upload pictures and videos of food, advertise themed nights and more. For completely different companies such as builders you can upload pictures of recent jobs including before and after pictures. And I could go on…

Pay Per Click York
Pay Per Click (PPC)

Some websites will get enough work through organic (not paid) search ranking. However, there is always the option of pay per click. This involves being willing to pay for your advert with link to appear and be clicked for certain keywords and phrases. Unlike Social Media Marketing you are, at that time, directly advertising to people who are searching for the services and products which you offer. Like the name suggests you only pay when people click on your advert. This option is very useful but needs to be approached with caution as you can spend a lot of money without many leads if not careful. This is why it makes sense to use experienced digital marketers.

Print Management York
Print Ordering

We can help with printing for marketing and administrative purposes. In a world where technology has changed the way we do so many things it is important to remember the traditional, tried and tested means of print advertising. Whether you need leaflets, an exhibition stand, business cards or banners, or anything else related to print, we can whether you already have your graphics or would like us to create them for you. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Websites made with purpose

Websites made with purpose

We aim to support all aspects of your website and marketing needs. If there is something you are interested in that we haven’t mentioned, please get in touch.